Theatre Concert HOW is opening in Stavanger on the 16. of april. Its a brand new way of thinking the theatre concert. This concert is divided into three smaller concerts, like the acts of a play. The first concert is called Ikea (we actually got Ikea to sponsor this one)  and is featering only one singer, performing an Ikea theatre concert from an Ikea manual live in the stage. The music are famous classics like Satisfaction and Stand by me. The second concert is a trio performing the first reality theatre concert with original music by the Hellemann brorthers and Neill Furio. Who also composed the music for the third concert, being a three movement choir and orchestere piece with 12 singers and a conductor. In other words: We are off the beaten track, and a trying to find out if the theatre concert can do other stuff than before.
We wanted to create a theatre concert that was low tech and that can appear anywhere,- together or each concert by it self.
The show will run untill the 4 june 2016 on Rogaland Theatre.
Tickets etc.